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Flander School has been taking an active part in the international education and teaching exchange. It has established the friendly relations with many foreign universities such as: Schiller International University USA, Canterbury Language College Christchurch New Zealand, Stanford University Russia, French Esup Institute, the Oriental School of Business Singapore, University of South Australia, etc. Now we have added Spanish、Russian、Italian and Dutch. And we have taken the characteristic education as the target.

Our excellent teachers:
Flander School owns a teacher troops with high teaching ability. Some of them have teaching experience of 10 years. And we also have some active excellent younger teachers. This is the most precious wealth of our school. At present, our school has the ability to set up eight languages at the same time. The complete languages, excellent teachers and good teaching are our advantages. In the last years, we have trained a large quantity people to study abroad or work abroad.

Top-grade environment:
  Flander language school locates at No.100 Nanjing Road Shinan district in Qingdao City .here is the upscale community district of economic center. Our school is near Wusi square and the city hall. There are Qingdao University、 Ocean university of China, Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College. The education atmosphere is dense; the transportation is convenient, It’s the most ideal school for foreign language learners. The environment of the school is good, the classrooms are spacious and bright. Especially our full-time teachers give us the assurance of superior teaching. At present, our school has the ability to set up eight languages at the same time. And we also have professional teaching according to the requirement of different callings.

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