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          Cultural Exchange To China


    Homestay and language teaching opportunity in China

    Come and experience the wonderful culture and language of China in Qingdao - a very popular and interesting destination.

    We can offer you free accommodation with a Chinese family and delicious Chinese food while you are here (breakfast and an evening meal are provided free of charge). We also offer 1 hour of Mandarin tuition 6 days per week. We are very interested to offer an interesting cultural exchange for you.

In return you get to teach some English in a local language school for 3 hours 6 days per week.

    You just pay your airfare and $200 for all the administration including a preparation meeting, airport pickup in Qingdao and support while you are here. We can also help you to arrange your travel to other destinations in Shandong Province and elsewhere in China.

    Getting a visa is easy because you can do this trip on a tourist visa, you do not need a business visa.

    We want you to have a wonderful cultural experience so we chose our home-stay families very carefully. They are friendly people and cook delicious food.

    We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact
Rose Zhang   Tel: 0061-413229617



To send chosen candidates with the ability to teach conversational and written English to China and live with families in their homes for a period of one to three months in order to teach English/Australian by the total immersion method. It will be a two way learning contract where the teacher will be there to teach students in the family English and Australian culture whilst learning more about China’s culture and language, at the same time building an excellent rapport between the two countries.


A selection of male and female candidates to act who are over eighteen years of age, native speakers of English and who wish to spend an average of one to three months overseas, living and working with a family in China (three months is preferable)

The candidates need not be qualified teachers, but candidates who are native speakers of the English language. TESOL students or university graduates or mature age retirees would be suitable for this.

The project will develop a database of candidates who are willing to travel and teach overseas within a family environment and teach for three hours a day in a language college in return for accommodation and meals and Chinese lessons.


·         Conduct a flexible training program (English written and spoken and Australian culture by the total immersion method.)

·         Assess the student in the family and teach at the required level

·         Teach English three hours a day at the college

·         Help student of host family with English homework

·         Encourage general conversation in English daily with the student of host family

·         Join in family activities



·         Accommodation and meals while experiencing living with Chinese family

·         Opportunity to teach English to student in host family by immersion method

·         Opportunity to learn customs and culture of china

·         Opportunity to learn Chinese at a foreign college

·         Opportunity to teach English at a foreign college

·         Opportunity to travel within China all inclusive at a discounted rate


  • Over 18 years of age

  • In good health, physically fit, competent, self motivated and keen

  • Must not have a criminal record

  • Have a high standard of education and ability to speak fluently and teach English

  • Have excellent presentation and personal grooming, polite and well mannered

  • Possess excellent communication skills both written and spoken

  • Have the ability to deliver  interesting and comprehensive training

  • Have a genuine interest in living in China with a host family and teaching English

  • Interested in learning some Chinese language

  • Have a thorough understanding of job description to carry out duties as required

  • Willing to sign an agreement to adhere to all rules and regulations

  • Have a complete medical check up.



  • Agree to all of the above

  • Send in expression of interest explaining why you would like to be part of the program, along with your resume and three checkable references.

  • Provide proof of identity and have valid Australian passport (or arrange to get one)

  • Attend interview with Organizers.

  • Undertake assessment and questionnaire

  • Be prepared to attend training program and participate successfully


·         To select suitable candidates to travel to China and teach English

·         candidate is responsible for costs however Acacia will organize all airfares, travel arrangements and documents

·         Escort to airport for departure to China

·         A wonderful opportunity to experience living in China and being part of a Chinese family

·         Training and debriefing before departing to host country

·         Materials and lesson plans to take to China

·         Experience teaching English by total immersion method in a family environment

·         Opportunity to learn about Chinese customs and culture and speak Chinese

·         An opportunity to gain many new friends from another culture and destination




  • The school in China will screen all host families to ensure they are of good character and discuss their language needs for the students or the family.

  • Organize accommodation and food and transport for three months with the host family.

·         Opportunity to teach English and Australian customs and culture in a college

  • The host school will be responsible for the care and safety of the teacher

·         The host school will be responsible for the organization of all procedures and activities while the candidate is in the host country.

  • Airport pick up on arrival in China

·         Organize travel to other cities in China at discounted rate.


Qingdao Flander Foreign Language School.


Qingdao Flander Foreign Language School has been taking an active part in international education and teaching exchange programs for several years. It has established friendly relations with many foreign universities such as: Schiller International University USA, Canterbury Language College, Christchurch New Zealand, Stanford University Russia, French Esup Institute, the Oriental School of Business Singapore and the University of South Australia.

Recently the Flander College has added Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch to its curriculum and attracts students from all over the globe.

Qingdao Flander Foreign Language School offers complete language courses, knowledgeable well trained  teachers and a wonderful learning environment, offering spacious bright class rooms. QFFLS is dedicated to promoting opportunities for people to study and work abroad. 



  Flander language school is in Qingdao China the address is:

 No.100 Nanjing Road.  Shinan district in Qingdao City.

Our school is centrally located near Wusi square and the City Hall, This is the up market community district and economic center of Qingdao which supports many other educational institutes such as Qingdao University, Ocean university of China and Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College. It is a perfect location for our school and offers easy access to public transport.

WHERE IS QINGDAO? (put in Map of China)

Qingdao is located at the tip of Shandong Peninsula (E 120°22′, N 36°4′), with the Yellow Sea to the east and south, and the mainland to the west and north. Qingdao covers an area of 10654sq km. The climate is temperate semi-humid continental and the area is a well-known summer resort. The average summer and winter temperatures are 25°C and 1.3°C respectively. 
The seven districts of Shinan, Shibei, Sifang, Licang, Chengyang, Huangdao and Laoshan, and the five county-level cities of  Jiaozhou, Jiaonan, Jimo, Pingdu and Laixi, with a total population of 7.06 million come under the jurisdiction of Qingdao.

About Qingdao
Charming Qingdao, once a fishing village and now China’s fourth largest port, is China’s most well-known summer resort town. It lies on the south coast of Shandong Province, about midway between Beijing and Shanghai. It’s about one hour by plane from either city. Qingdao is also a hub for international flights to & from nearby Korea and Japan.

Sea breezes moderate the warm summers when temperatures reach an average of 25C. Beaches attract swimmers & sunbathers. The seafood is justly the most famous in China. The conifer-clad coastal scenery, where the surreal Laoshan mountain ranges meet the sea, is sublime with numerous exquisite bays and promontories. Qingdao and its environs boast such excellent facilities and natural attractions that the Chinese Government will hold the water events here for the 2008 Olympics.

German architecture, from an earlier colonial period, adds to the cosmopolitan charm of the city. Qingdao’s modern thriving city center offers all the amenities from; pubs, superb restaurants and shopping malls to soaring hotels and business complexes. A massive service industry has grown up around the real estate boom of recent years. The Germans left many traces of the colonial past - the name Qingdao (also spelled Tsingtao), is synonymous for many overseas guests with beer. Among the festivals of Qingdao one can experience the Cherry festival in May, the August beer festival, or the September wine festival.

Although the twentieth century rendered a checkered history of colonial warfare & occupation to Qingdao, in recent years Qingdao has become one of China’s most prosperous cities. The surrounding areas reveal human settlement dating back some 6000 years. In classical China the famous Tai Shan (Mt Tai) was revered with god-like status. Confucius was born, more than 2000 years ago, in the nearby town of Qufu.

Our School-----Qingdao flander foreign language school
Qingdao Flander Foreign Language School is an independent corporation approved by the Chinese Government and validated by registration #0028920. The main business of our school is to teach foreign languages to those who urgently need them either for work or study. At the same time, Flander School also translates documents and related materials for trade companies. The present curriculum includes ten languages such as: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Dutch.What is more, our school has Chinese and culture program to teach foreign students to study chinese.
As a first class language training school in Qingdao, Flander School has won a very-good reputation with its’ whole-hearted attitude toward personal development. This commitment has established a strong base for future

During 2001-2002; because of the great achievements in education, Flander School was invited twice to the International Education Exhibition. In May of 2002 it gained the: "The Qualification Certificate for Engaging Foreign Experts", award. In November of 2002, the Educational Bureau awarded the: "Independent School Standardization”, to Flander.
Qingdao Flander Propagate Co,. Ltd
Set up in August 1999, Qingdao Flander Propagate Co., Ltd is an independent corporation approved by the Chinese Government. Flander Company includes three branches: Flander Foreign Language School, Flander Employment Agency, and Singapore Flander Management Company. Each branch provides various forms of information to our customers.
I. Economic, Cultural and Educational Information
We can serve those who want to open up on the Chinese market such as: making educational and teaching exchanges, building friendly relationships with the Chinese companies, cooperating with running a school, in-addition to cooperation’s’ for items related to studying abroad.
Qingdao will host the 2008 Olympic sailing races. The total investments on behalf of the Olympic project are about USD 9.1 billion. Authorized by the Qingdao Municipal Government, and the Olympic Planning Committee; Flander Company provides worldwide investment opportunities for the Olympic project.
II. Import and Export Trade
Flander Company has established long lasting relationships with many foreign trade companies such as The Water Furnace Air-conditioning Company, USA. We would like to build TRADE RELATIONS with you. We can provide you with numerous high-quality products such as: dry goods, food, vegetables, domestic appliances, clothing, and etc.
III. Tourist and Cultural Exchange Information
Authorized by the Qingdao Tourism Bureau; Flander Company introduces tourist projects for worldwide investment.

Flander Company also offers tourist services for worldwide travelers such as; sightseeing arrangements for Qingdao City and other tourist attractions: (Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, Xi’an, etc). Further services include: arranging meetings, forums, booking hotels, transportation ticketing, personal guides, and etc.
Flander Employment Agency introduces talents to companies and individuals in conjunction with acting as an intermediary.

Flander Foreign Language School offers foreign languages to those who urgently need them either for work or study. It has offered much help to large quantities of people for the necessary tools to study and work abroad. It also opens the world of Chinese to foreigners by means of training classes.
The main business of Singapore Flander Management Company is to help customers establish companies and apply for many types of visas according to their needs. The company offers efficient consultation services. At the same time, it promotes foreign trade with other countries.

Lying in the beautiful seaside city, Qingdao, Flander propagate Co ,. Ltd regards the "Make our customers satisfy" as a key drive of its enterprise. We warmly welcome you to join us.
Qingdao Flander Gym, Ltd
Qingdao Flander Gym Ltd provides you a good place to relax. The company provides various entertainment activities such as: basketball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc. Here, you can enjoy different life.

Teaching & studying Exchange
In order to improve the teaching quality, Flander School plans to engage the foreign teachers to teach languages in China. The followings are our preferential treatments.

I. Studying Chinese Freely: Flander School provides the studying Chinese environment for the foreign teachers and students to get known with Chinese culture and history. According to your spare time, we can teach you Chinese so that you can adapt to the new condition as soon as possible. We have two schemes which you can choose from:
1. We offer you the board and lodging, but we pay no salary. Homestay fees: us$40 per week
2. We pay you salary but you live in the lodging at your own expense.

II. Offering the Tourist Information: Flander School can arrange your traveling in Qingdao City (we can offer your traveling expense). If you’d like to travel at your own expense to the tourist attractions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Guilin, etc. We can offer the traveling information; arrange the traveling ways and the guides for you.

The students’ success is the key drive of our enterprise. Following with the good environment of foreign languages established by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Qingdao Flander Foreign Language School warmly welcome you to join us to open up the bright future.

Co-operating Items
In order to promote the cultural exchange of foreign countries, Flander School s seeking the co-operating items as the followings:

I. Co-operating to run schools: Flander School would like to establish the friendly relations with you. We can introduce and recommend curriculums, visit and help each other, exchange experience and demonstrate lectures. We also can introduce students to study in the other side’s school.

II. Co-operating to study abroad: Flander School also provides the information of studying abroad for those who are eager to engage in advanced studies in foreign countries. We are seeking the friendly schools that are inclined to accept the Chinese students. We can recommend the excellent students for you.

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